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Just “Ask April” – Introducing robots to BMW Finance

Chris Foster of BMW Finance Australia talks about one of RPA Solutions success stories :

I’m pleased to share a recent success we have had in introducing robotic automation to our loan acceptance process.

During the day our acceptance team is inundated with applications for vehicle finance from our extensive dealer network which we need to turnaround in under 2 hours. Our great challenge is ensuring that each application is correctly prioritised and allocated to a loans officer with the appropriate level of experience. Also as our business is relationship based, we want to ensure where practical that our dealer network is connected with the same group of loan officers to enable the ongoing dealer coaching and training requirements that the team have.

In partnership with RPA Solutions and Deloitte Consulting we have introduced our virtual team leader called “April”. April automatically assesses the incoming work and assigns it to the loans officer who has the right skill set to complete the application.

April is resulting in more efficient allocation of work, less handoffs, and freeing our team leaders to focus on individual customer needs and additional priorities for the company.

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