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University of NSW - Automating the Vendor Creation Process with RPA

RPA Solutions have been assisting the University of NSW on their Robotic Process Automation journey since April 2018. They have achieved great success in building their internal capability during this time. Here is a case study of one of the processes that was automated :

The Accounts Payable team process 3000+ vendor creation transactions per year in response to requests from internal stakeholders. The process requires considerable manual effort involving checking and data entry by the team which all takes time. Vendor’s may wait up to 3 days for the vendor to be created in the system.

The team recognised that the process was very repetitive and prone to keying errors. It was decided robotic process automation could do most of the work involved and staff could focus on higher value tasks like verifying supporting documents, cleaning up the vendor master file and working directly with internal stakeholders.

Over 4 weeks the team was trained in RPA Software (UI Path) and able to deploy an end to end solution to manage all requests for new vendors. The outcome was that the process which required a significant amount of manual time was reduced by 80%, end to end cycle times were reduced from 3 days to less than a day and keying errors were eliminated.

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