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University of Melbourne - Case Study

RPA Solutions is honored to have partnered with Executive Director Nadine Goldsmith and her team establishing the University of Melbourne’s Robotic Process Automation team

In 2016 the University introduced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into the shared services group to support functions in Finance, HR and Student Services with the primary goal of providing great customer service to students and faculty staff.

Some of the highlights so far include :

  • Establishing an internal robotics centre of excellence from scratch. The team was trained and implemented the first robot into production in under 4 weeks.

  • Automation of Student Services. Some courses require the manual data entry of course results into the enrolment system. A robot was developed that collates and enters student results which replaces the need for additional data entry staff.

  • Automation of Procurement. A robot was introduced that registers a new supplier on the system in 30 minutes. Previously the process took 5 days due to a manual approval processes and queue management.

  • Automation of IT administration. A robot was introduced that established IT systems access for new employees in 10 minutes using a digital form and robot. Previously this process required 2-3 weeks which was very disruptive for new starters.

  • Automation of HR. A Robot was introduced that significantly reduces the work required on the time sheeting process by removing the need for all manual data checking of time sheet adjustments.

  • Contract Management : A robot now registers new university academics and removes then need for manual checking and approvals.

Looking forward to see what the next 6 months will bring now that the team is well established.

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